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Puente Higher Education Curriculum

This series will focus on giving the parents general information about the college process as well as give them the tools they need to follow up with their children. Our main goal is for parents to remain active in their child’s education and still be a part of students’ support throughout college and beyond.

4 Workshop series

  • The Path to College- The goal for this workshop is to lay out and establish some principles which will guide the parents (and students) in their child’s journey to college. We aim to place emphasis on high goal-setting in academics and emphasize the importance of grades and test scores. The second portion of the workshop consists of providing ways to stand out among other applicants. This includes discussions about extracurriculars, leadership and service opportunities and programs. Through this workshop we invite parents to support their son or daughter in his/her activities outside of school.
  • The College Application- This workshop will simplify and break down the often dreaded college application process. Our goal is for parents to be more confident with this step in order to be of help when their children apply to college. Since attendees usually have little experience with this topic, we will go though preparing and planning for the application and provide a walkthrough. We will also have sections on topics with the most relevance, that are most commonly paired with applications such as: essays, transcripts, deadlines, interviews, etc.
  • Financial Aid- Paying for college can be intimidating, but is not impossible. Many parents are unaware of the many resources and financial aid options there are for their hard-working kids. This workshop helps shed some light on the ways to pay for college. Puente’s goal is for parents to be comfortable when thinking about the financials of college, which often places stress on the family as a unit. We will discuss the four main ways students often finance their education: FAFSA, scholarships, grants, loans. We will also discuss the importance of working in college and work-study programs.
  • Adjusting to College Life- Our goal with this workshop is to empower parents, after all they’ve learned, to continue to be a main resource for their children once they enroll in a university or college. We will begin by giving an introduction to the college education system in the United States. We will then focus on the changes that lay ahead from the perspectives of the parents and the students. We will conclude by giving both the students and parents “keys” or main guidelines for them to find success in any avenue of life which they find themselves in.